Week Date Lab Homework
Optional Git Setup September 16 Lab0: GitHub & The Terminal
  1. Fun Reading: What Is Git & Why Should I Use It?
Introductions & Setup September 16 Lab1: Environment & HTML
  1. EdX Module1: "Creating Web Pages using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)"
  2. (optional) Check out for inspiration
Hypertext Markup Language September 23 Lab2: HTML Basics
  1. EdX Module2: “Creating Sophisticated Document Structures using HTML”
  2. (optional) Kahn Academy HTML (only the HTML sections
Cascading Style Sheets September 30 Lab3: Styling Your Page
  1. EdX Module 3: “Design Web Page Elements Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)”
Advanced HTML & CSS October 7 Lab4: HTML5 & CSS3
  1. Start your website!
  2. (optional) CSS circles
  3. (optional) MDN's Getting Started with CSS
  4. (optional) CSS Videos
CSS Pair Programming Challenge October 14 Lab5: meSS with cSS
  1. Fill out midsemester course evaluation by Tuesday.
  2. Work on website
  3. (optional) CSS Values and Units
  4. (optional) Bootstrap on CodeAcademy
Layout October 21 Lab6: Flexbox
  1. Work on Website
  2. (optional) Read up on cool examples of web development using the DOM
  3. (optional) Read MDN's' JavaScript Guide to get a headstart on what we'll be going over next week
Programming Fundamentals October 28 Lab7: Intro to JavaScript
  1. Work on Website
  2. (optional) EdX Module 4: “Implementing Program Flow Using JavaScript”
JavaScript Applications November 4 Lab8: JavaScript In Action
  1. Work on Website
  2. Sign up for an account on Code Wars and procrastinate on your other hw with JS games
  3. Try to incoporate a few of these scripts in your website.
More Fun With JavaScript November 11 Lab9: Data Types, API's, and JS Applications
  1. Work on Website
Advanced HTML5 & Workshop Day November 18 Lab10: HTML5 Canvas
  1. Work on Website
  2. Get Ready for Final ShareCase
Sharecase December 2 You're now a budding front end developer!!! CONGRATULATIONS!
  1. Keep on learning:)

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