FemTech Share

Interested in web design and development but don't know where to start?
Join us for FemTech Share, a 10-week workshop on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that will have you programming in weeks.
No prior coding experience necessary. All majors welcome.

Jacobs Institute Rm 310

Fridays 1-3 PM

First Meeting begins September 9th.

Meet the Instructors

Maia Rosengarten
Share Program Director
Computer Science & Political Economy Major, Education Minor
Lucy Xiao
Share Program Coordinator
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Major

Our Story

For many non-technical majors, taking a programming class at Cal can be intimidating, not to mention logistically hard. Waitlists for popular classes near the hundreds and give priority to Computer Science majors.

Even student-led clubs are highly selective:
hundreds apply, and only a handful are ‘chosen.’

Such is the life of a student at Cal. Behind the challenge and excitement of studying with the brightest minds and professors in the world lies an underlying blanket of stress and competition that we don’t often look at.

The fear of failure keeps people from taking risks, exploring new sides of themselves, and welcoming the challenge of learning as an absolute beginner.

FEMTech Share is about breaking down those mental barriers and opening up new possibilities for people across campus to code.

Kicking off the first semester of Share this Fall, we're beyond grateful for the wonderful turnout. We have students from all departments on campus eager to work on their passion projects and open up new career possibilities with the power of web development.

We hope their stories will inspire others to join our FEMTech fam, as we build a community of technologists with heart and vision.